Reducing food waste

  • 28.01.21
Words Waitrose 28/01/21

We hope all our food gets eaten – whether that’s by our customers or those in need in our local communities. We work hard to predict how much food we will need and constantly monitor buying levels to ensure the products on our shelves are those that customers want.

Our Partners in Reducing Food Waste

Giving to those in need

In 2012, we formed a partnership with an Emirati food redistribution program – a local charity dedicated to reducing food waste across the UAE. Any of our stores with leftover, quality food contact the program and this is then collected and distributed to families who need it.


We realise that a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables often ends up going to waste and our desire to change that led to the launch of our Perfectly Imperfect range. It’s grown by the same farmers to the same high standards, but may look a little less than perfect but taste just as good.

We are very proud of our Waitrose Green Pea Pasta and Red Lentil Pasta, which both use 50% food waste in the packaging and we are continuing to work with our suppliers to find other creative solutions.


Waste is a problem across the whole food supply chain and we’re working together with other businesses to reduce it.

Waitrose signed up to the Waste Resources Action Programme’s (WRAP) the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap in 2018, which supports all food businesses in tackling the problem of food waste.

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