AED 85.75
Aladino scented candle jar in lavender each


Aladino scented candle jar in lavender

AED 85.75


A floral and fresh scent – this Aladino candle is a fully fragranced wax candle often used for herbal remedies and lavender is known to be mood enhancing and promote sleep. An ideal candle for everyday use.

Product Details

Candles are the perfect way to add an ambience to a room whilst also adding a subtle scent. Whether you are having a relaxing bath or just want a scent to fill the room, candles are the perfect way to do this. If you want a delicious smell all the time, try a reed diffuser to compliment the room. Both candles and reed diffusers are available in a variety of scents, creating the perfect setting for any occasion.


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