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Waitrose - UAE Grocery Deliver

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AED 31.50
Finish powerball quantum all in one dishwasher tablets lemon sparkle 12tabs each


Finish powerball quantum all in one dishwasher tablets lemon sparkle 12tabs

AED 31.50


Finish powerball quantum all in one gives you the brilliant clean and shine you expect, plus added protection against glass corrosion. The glass protect formula can extend the life of your glasses so they keep their sparkling shine for longer and are protected wash after wash.


Sodium carbonate sodium carbonate peroxide sodium citrate 2- propenoic acid, homopolymer, sodium salt, sulfonated polyethylenglykol mg> 4100 taed polyethylenglykol mg <4100 tetrasodium etidronate aqua sodium bicarbonate ceteareth-25 cellulose sodium sulfate polyvinylalcohol maleic- acrylic acid copolymer sodiumsalt citric acid sodium chloride dimethicone glycerol subtilisin titanium dioxide methyl-1h-benzotriazoles amylase primary alcohol ethoxylate magnesium stearate parfum colorant

Allergy Advice:
Contains subtilisin. May produce an allergic reaction.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Product Details

Get the cleanest, shiniest dry dishes with the wide range of Finish® products, committed to saving water for a brighter future and a better planet.


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