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AED 18.00
Kiri Dip & Crunch, Cream Cheese and Breadstick Snack, 4 Pieces, 140g each


Kiri Dip & Crunch, Cream Cheese and Breadstick Snack, 4 Pieces, 140g

AED 18.00


A silky smooth and delicious cream cheese, packed with small bread sticks to dunk into your cheesy snack.


For the spreadable cream Cheese (71.4) cream cheese (cow's milk, cream microbial rennet, lactic acid bacterial), water , cream (18%), cow's milk protiens, cow's milk minerals concentrate, stabilizer: E452, cow's dairy lactic concentrate, salt. for the breadsticks (28.6%): wheat flour, sunflower oil, malt extract, salt yeast, 102g of flour are used to produce 100g of breadsticks. 

Allergy Advice:
contains lactose and gluten


Keep refrigerated between 4°C and 8°C after purchase.

Product Details

Kiri Cream Cheese has a unique creamy taste that everyone has grown to love. It is made from milk and natural & fresh creamKiri Dip & Crunch is a nutritious and quick snack for your kids and yourself, whether at home, school, or as a snack on-the-go. It contains the rich and creamy taste of Kiri Cheese and crunchy breadsticks.Experience the rich and creamy taste of Kiri in a convenient format with Kiri Dip & Crunch!• Cream cheese Dip and breadsticks• Made with quality ingredients: milk, Natural and fresh cream• Ideal for a quick snack, whether at home, at school or as a snack on-the-go• Indulgent snack for the whole family• Keep refrigerated• A Mum’s best ally


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