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AED 38.25
Olbas oil 28ml each


Olbas oil 28ml

AED 38.25


Designed for stuffy and blocked noses. Olbas oil has multiple uses, add a few drops to a handkerchief and inhale to instantly feel that sinus clearing release. Alternatively add it to a pillow case or a bowl of steaming water to clear a blocked nose. Made from plants, its gentle formula is suitable for children and adults.


Cajuput oil (18.5%) clove oil (0.1%) eucalyptus oil (35.45%) juniperberry oil (2.7%) levomenthol (4.1%) methyl salicylate (3.7%) mint oil, partly dementholised (35.45%)

Allergy Advice:


Store in a cool dry place

Product Details

Sinuses get blocked sometimes, whether it‚'s due to seasonal colds and flus or springtime allergies, most of us suffer with congestion. Olbas products are ready to clear blocked noses with natural remedies made from plant oils, helping you to breathe with ease once again. Formulated from the oils from medicinal plants such as eucalyptus, clove and juniper berry which releases natural vapours to clear irritants and mucus. Fast, effective and easy to fit into small spaces so you never have to suffer again.


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