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Sensodyne extra fresh mouthwash 500ml each


Sensodyne extra fresh mouthwash 500ml

AED 39.00 This product is unavailable at the moment


Sensodyne mouthwash provides long lasting sensitivity protection as well as a cool, minty flavour to leave your mouth feeling extra fresh and clean. With a fluoride formula to strengthen teeth and an active ingredient that works inside the tooth to prevent protection, it is the ideal product to use after brushing teeth in your daily dental care regime.


Contains 3% w/w Potassium Nitrate and 0.048% w/w Sodium Fluoride (217ppm fluoride)

Allergy Advice:


Store out of direct sunlight

Product Details

Are you having to avoid some of your favourite foods and beverages due to pain? Sensodyne provides the perfect, simple solution. The number one dental recommended brand for sensitive teeth, Sensodyne has created a variety of oral care products that relieves sensitivity, improves gum health, prevents cavities, freshens breath, and helps to whiten teeth. A great solution to cure dental pain and develop a glistening smile.


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