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Waitrose - UAE Grocery Deliver

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AED 169.50
Tommee Tippee fits all tubs nappy wrapper cassette x3 each


Tommee Tippee fits all tubs nappy wrapper cassette x3

AED 169.50


The Tommee Tippee sangenic refill cassette fits all tubs have an advanced multi-layer, anti-bacterial film, which locks away germs and odours. The film keeps on killing germs even while the nappy is disposed of in the tub, for maximum hygiene protection. Twist-lock technology individually seals each nappy, locking away germs and odour. The system is scientifically proven to be 100 times more effective at odour prevention than nappy sacks. Just drop the cassette into the top of the tub and you‚'re done.


Plastic - LDPE pE Soft Pack

Allergy Advice:


Risk of suffocation. Always keep nappy sacks away from babies, young children and pets. Never place nappy sacks in or near a baby's cot or pram. Be aware: nappy sacks are extremely light and flimsy and can easily be blown off a surface and become within the reach of a child. Never leave loose bags lying around - only remove nappy bags from packaging as needed or store removed bags in a secure container. Do not use for carrying food.

Product Details

The first few months with your baby are usually quite hectic, so it pays to prepare. The following items are not essential for breast or bottle feeding, but can make life much easier, especially when you're out and about, or travelling with your baby. From insulated bottle carriers, bottle teats, nipple protectors, formula containers, breast pumps, creams, sterilisation bags and tablets, bibs, bottles, thermometers, clippers, nappy sacks and teat brushes, the list goes on. As the old saying goes it‚'s better to be prepared.


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