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AED 3.85
Whiskas ocean fish in jelly cat food pouch 80g each


Whiskas ocean fish in jelly cat food pouch 80g

AED 3.85


Cats aged 1-6 require playtime and a balanced diet to stay fit and healthy. Being carnivores, they need twice as much protein as humans and 41 essential elements for optimal health. Whiskas products are specially designed to be complete and balanced, meeting cats' dietary requirements with uniquely cooked pre-packaged meals. Dinnertime plays a significant role in their daily routine, and this Whiskas ocean fish meal provides the nutrients, protein, and minerals they need. Whiskas is loved by all cat breeds, from Persian and British Shorthair to Siamese and playful orange fur balls.


Animal origin – ocean fish (sardine & mackerel) & chicken 47.5%, gelling agents – (guar gum, cassia gum, kappa carageenan, water) 46.7%, soy bean oil 3.6%, vitamins and minerals 1.18%, wheat gluten 1.0%, colouring agents 0.02%.

Allergy Advice:


Store in a cool, dry place

Product Details

Whiskas cat food products blend nutrition and flavour purr-fectly, keeping your feline friends happy and healthy.


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