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  • 28.06.21
Words Rob Chilton 28/06/21

It may be small, but this 240ml jar can be turned into litres of delicious, healthy almond drink.

Eat Better Foods, the UAE’s pioneering plant-based food brand, have unveiled their new Almond Mylk Base, a clever paste that, when mixed simply with water becomes an all-natural, non-dairy drink.

Made without preservatives or additives and containing only almonds, just one jar of Almond Mylk Base can produce at least three litres. Blend three tablespoons of the paste with water for 30 seconds and the drink is ready.

The beauty of Almond Mylk Base is that you can adjust the consistency to suit your culinary needs and add flavour and texture to soups, smoothies and more. Any kind of sweetener can also be added according to your taste.


Available at Waitrose, Almond Mylk Base is priced at AED 35 and is another fine example of Eat Better Foods’ commitment to healthy eating. It also follows the brand’s pledge to eco-friendly practices, as every component of the packaging can be recycled.

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