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  • 05.08.20
Words Rob Chilton 05/08/20

Fresh fruit can bring an abundance of taste, texture and colour to savoury dishes, with a splash of sugary flavour adding an element of surprise and playfulness. A chicken salad can be transformed with a handful of crunchy, sour green apple cubes – or for a more subtle contrast, fling some silky textured orange segments over your crunchy iceberg lettuce.

Duck has a rich and gamey flavour that can be enhanced with a dash of orange sauce. It’s a similar story with a leg of lamb and apricot – a popular combination in Moroccan cooking. Roast turkey and cranberries, meanwhile, are a classic festive combination.

Turkey & Cranberry is a popular combination
[ Turkey & Cranberry is a popular combination ]
A drizzle of Honey on carrots before roasting for a sweeter flavour
[ A drizzle of Honey on carrots before roasting for a sweeter flavour ]

Vegetables can be enhanced dramatically with a sweeter flavour. Try baking squashes or pumpkins with cinnamon, or adding mint to pea soup. As for roasted carrots, a drizzle of honey adds a luxuriously sticky texture.

In the dessert category, enjoy bananas and almond butter mashed together on a piece of toast, or tease your taste buds with the iconic American partnership of peanut butter and jam, usually made from blackcurrant, strawberry or raspberry.

Almond Butter & Banana on Toast
[ Almond Butter & Banana on Toast ]
Everyday Watermelon & Feta Salad
[ Everyday Watermelon & Feta Salad ]

But to experience the most successful examples of sweet meeting savoury, look no further than cheese. Apricots, ginger and cranberries studded in a chalky Wensleydale taste delicious served on a ginger cracker. Goat’s cheese and honey is another winner, while cheddar can be appreciated with crisp apple. The sweet crunch of watermelon is a dream co-star opposite a salty feta cheese, while pomegranate and feta are also worth trying together.

A stronger cheese, such as the nutty Gorgonzola, goes well with figs and pear (especially on pizza), while the grape can hold its own against a pungent English Stilton. It’s these contrasting tastes and textures that make food so enthralling, so cherish that segment of tangerine in your chicken salad; embrace those cheddar cubes and pineapple chunks skewered side-by-side on a cocktail stick; and revere that classic Thai dessert of sticky rice with mango.

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