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AED 52.50
NUK red Flexi Cup with straw 24+ months 300ml each


NUK red Flexi Cup with straw 24+ months 300ml

AED 52.50


Nuk Flexi Cup soft drinking straw cup with silicone straw makes drinking fun for little ones. With the Nuk Flexi Cup, children can easily and playfully reach the recommended amount of drink recommended by nutritionists over the day. It comes in trendy colours and the valve in the straw prevents leakage.



Allergy Advice:
BPA free. Phthalate Free. PVC Free. Latex Free


Wash in warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Sterilise if preferred way of cleaning.

Product Details

It is recommended to begin baby weaning from six months old. Introduce your baby to drinking from a cup or beaker from around six months and offer sips of water with meals. It might be messy at first but be patient, your baby will gradually learn how to eat from a bowl or plate and drink from an open cup. When using a trainer cup, don't put anything in it other than breast milk, formula milk or water and do not add anything else (including sugar, cereals, baby rice or chocolate powder) to the feed. As soon as your child is ready, encourage them to move from a lidded beaker or sippy cup to drinking from an open cup.


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